Live Chat Benefits

Live Chat Solution's from CuteSoft Components allow your organization to engage your website visitors in new and exciting ways.

By turning your website into a live environment where you can build real relationships with your customers, your organization will benefit in a number of ways:

Provide live online customer support

Add live chat to your website as a new line of communication between your customer service, help desk, call center representatives and your website visitors to improve your response times and make your team more efficient.

Proactive Sales

Why wait for visitors to request support when members can proactively assist them? With a click of a mouse, members can automatically open a chat window on visitor's computer and provide support or close a sale!

Reduce customer support costs

Providing online customer support via live chat as an alternative to traditional phone and e-mail is not only preferred by your customers, but its also more cost effective.

Help answer pre-sales questions

If a potential visitor has a question, chances are if they don't get it answered right away, they will leave and never come back. Live Chat gives customers a one-click solution to getting their questions answered immediately.

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Give your potential customers immediate access to someone at critical points of the buying process. According to Forrester Research, 66% of all shopping carts are abandoned for service related issues.

Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction

The typical response time to customer inquiries via e-mail is over 24 hours, and many go completely unanswered. Web based chat provides live help immediately, letting your customers know that your organization cares about all their needs.

Convert more visitors into customers

With live help you can convert your website from a place people go to learn about you, to a place where you are building strong relationships with each and every visitor, and converting those relationships into sales. Rather than having a potential customer simply read your marketing materials, you can let them interact directly with your organization, or collect the critical information you need to improve your business.

About the Team behind My LiveChat

CuteSoft Components Inc. is a privately held company incorporated in Delaware, specializing in powerful, elegant and beautiful, web based softwares. We've been in live chat, web messenger, chat room software business for over 8 years and love the daily challenges of solving real problems in the simplest way possible.

Chat with your visitors, Increase sales and conversions, make your customers happy!